About Our Food

Our story began with Oscar, a family dog who loved his grub, but his grub didn’t love him.

From dry skin, to digestive issues we couldn’t find a food that was right for Oscar.

We’re a team of dog lovers creating the dog food we wish we'd had for Oscar. Made with real ingredients, nutritionally complete and balanced for all dogs.

Because dogs deserve the best.

Gently Cooked

Traditional dog food is cooked at a very high heat, which kills all the good stuff.

Oscars Farm food is gently cooked to retain all the nutritional goodness your dog needs for a healthy diet.

Made with only fresh ingredients then dried for your convenience, Oscars Farm recipes have all the nutritional benefits of a fresh or raw diet with no need for refrigeration or freezers.

Local Ingredients

We use only local ingredients in our food. Sourced from local farms in Ireland & the UK

While keeping it local has so many positives. The one we love a lot is no air mile pollution.

Keeping it green 💚

No single meal use plastic pouches and all our packaging is recyclable.

We use a 100% carbon neutral delivery partner.