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  • Fresh Pressed Dog Food

    Fresh ingredients pressed into food dogs adore & delivered.

Dog Food That's Keeping it Real

Powered by superfoods, backed by science

Real Ingredients

No fillers, artificials or label tricks.

Dreamy Digestion

Natural probiotics for better gut health

Gently Cooked

No harsh temperatures means we keep all the good stuff.

Grain Free & Hypoallergenic

Good news for dogs with allergies.

What's Fresh Pressed?

It's time for dog food to come clean. Fresh Pressed is gently cooking fresh meat, veggies & seasoning before pressing into the dry food dogs adore. No high heat or added nasties.

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Meals for all, fussy eaters included.

🐶 For puppies to seniors.

Perfectly portioned to your dog.

🥩 Healthy, complete meals.

♻️ Recyclable packaging.

Scoop, serve and watch the tail wags from €25 per month

75% off today

How it works


Tell us about your dog

We’ll create a meal plan that’s designed & portioned just for your pooch.


Tailored recipes

You select the nutritious, healthy recipes they will gobble up.


Delivered to your door

Doorbell rings, tails are wagging. Scoop, serve & gobble!

Healthy for pets & planet

We’re committed to limiting our environmental impact and helping you and your pooch do the same.

Where possible our packaging is recyclable and our deliveries are 100% carbon neutral.


How we compare 🐶

We're not blowing our own tails, but we were voted the No.1 dry dog food when it comes to quality and sustainability. Pawsome!

What dog parents are saying

Fussy Eaters 🥕

"Bert is so picky when it comes to food. He absolutely adores Oscar's Farm and I love that its totally natural with no junk"

- Dog Parent, Jessica

Shiny Coat ✨

"We'd no idea how much to feed our pup Milly. Loved the pre portioned plan. Noticeably shinier coat too"

- Dog Parent, Sally

Better Digestion 💕

"This is hands down the best food we've ever given Bella. Her digestion problems completely cleared and she's full of energy."

- Dog Parent, Michael

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